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Default Pirelli Rosso Corsa REBATE

Pirelli has another rebate, this time on street tires only. This means it includes Rosso Corsa hypersport street tires purchased from your favorite trackside tire dealer(me).

The rebate applies to tires purchased between 4/1/2018 - 5/31/2018.

The rebate website is here and the link to a downloadable rebate form is here. This details out the process to redeem the $50/set rebate, which is administered by a third party rebate company on behalf of Pirelli.

All BoRn members also get an additional $10 off, per set, from these Rosso Corsa prices when tires are ordered from MTAG during the rebate period. As always, free mounting and balancing is included(wheels off bike) at any TTD or LRRS event while MTAG is providing tire service with the purchase of new tires.

120/70 & 160/60 set: $263
120/70 & 180/60 set: $276
120/70 & 200/55 set: $305

As pricing guidelines are strict with these tires, they cannot be ordered directly from our website with the $10/set BoRn discount. If you'd like to order a pair of Rosso Corsa tires from MTAG, please email with the desired sizes, and I'll send you an invoice for payment.

If you have any non pricing related questions, please post up here and I'll answer.

Also note that this rebate applies to lots of other Pirelli street tires(not available from MTAG), so if you have a different need, you should check with your local dealer to see if they participate in this rebate.

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