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Wink Pricing for BoRn members

I wanted to clarify something, there is no such thing as "the BoRn discount."

As a matter of fact, if anyone actually says "BoRn discount," all my employees are instructed to simply stare at them, and proceed to ring them up at full retail price.

As you all know, I prefer you post up on the site, get pricing from me first, and come down and deal with me for your purchases. This ensures I can get you the best price possible, often well below full retail price. I want to get you guys the best price possible, everytime.

Obviously, if you're just coming into the store to poke around, pick up a few items, just generally shop, of course, just stop in. If you see me, Dave Payne(macgyver), or Jared, feel free to introduce yourself as "soandso from BoRn." If we can give you a better deal than what the items normally cost, you will get it. If you ask at the register, on the sales floor, in the parking lot, whatever, for your "BoRn discount," unfortunately, no one here, including myself, will be able to give you that.

As always, thank you guys for your business, I truly appreciate it. Help me to help you.
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