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Originally Posted by drinkingmymilk View Post
Ive been a long time supporter of Timmy and Yev tossing random offers.

Say no, move on. Youd be shocked though as to how many dont say no and take the offer after its been sitting. I just bought a set of knee braces on eBay. Id made an offer a month ago that was 1/4 of the new price. A month latter and zero interest the seller messaged.

Dave, let me know if you want this thread cleaned up.
Thanks but no thanks. Leave it the mess that it is.
Also.....I disagree about the "say no and move on" thing too. If I as a seller have to consider "random offers" from cereal low-ballers then I have the right to respond as I see fit . I'm not limited to saying no and moving on. I think I kept it to a low grumble and not a full rant anyway. Even if I went full rant what of it? Had I said yes Skippy would have had himself a great pair of boots at over 65% off retail. I would like to think that's a calculated risk but somehow I doubt it.
That said I sold the boots to some one who actually know how to ride a dirt bike.

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