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Originally Posted by CamaroJockey View Post
Holy shit that's expensive!

At first glance I thought that might be the solution to the pitiful headlight on the Monster.

No thanks, I'll just continue to be blind.
At least you would only have to buy one! If the price of the 5.75" was for a pair I would have ordered them already.

Originally Posted by adouglas View Post
Near as I can tell, all of these -- even the "direct replacement" unit -- would/might require cutting/drilling your existing housing/reflector. Read some of the comments and the installation sheet.

Love the idea, but I really don't want to go chopping stuff up unless I'm sure I'm not going to be reselling the bike or car I put it in.

If it were a true drop-in replacement for my existing bulbs, then hellz yeah. Good pricing.
Pretty sure they're a direct drop in to any 5.75" or 7" round bucket. It's a full sealed beam light, not just a bulb. Unless I'm misunderstanding what you're saying.
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