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Ok, back on my computer...

I've never felt like puking, so don't know what that may be, but based on what I've read I'll take a guess.

Personally, I usually work out after coming home from work, so I'll have a Clif Bar and/or Apple/Banana (I should actually be working out right now - will go down stairs in a bit). I have a shake during/after and eat after.

So my guess is that when you're squatting you're creating a lot of intra-abdominal pressure. You may not even know you're doing it, but your entire core is contracting as hard as it can to protect your lumbar spine. Not only are you creating a ton of pressure there, but you're also raising your blood pressure through the roof. (EDIT: Forgot, you're also taxing your central nervous system!). All of that combined after a meal, I would imagine, wouldn't feel too good.

As I said earlier, it's extremely important that you back off on weight and go to a linear program concentrating on form and full range of motion (ROM). It'll start out feeling easy, but don't worry it'll progress quickly. Whatever program you choose, make sure it centers around the squat. It's the single most important lift in both power-lifting and bodybuilding. It works the most muscles, improves total body strength, releases the most testosterone and will set you up for everything else. Additionally, the program should be centered around free weights - NO SMITH MACHINES! Make sure the squat is the first exercise in your program as well.

Good luck.... let us know if changing when/how much you eat fixes your puking problem.
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