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The duke 790 is pretty exciting. Would make a great back road bruiser & track day toy. Probably the basis for an interesting club racer too. Although I'm not sure where it would slot in with LRRS. Too big for light-weight??

The real drag is the suspenders:
The suspension is handled by WP, with a 43mm fork at the front and monoshock at the rear. The fork is nonadjustable, while the rear is adjustable for spring preload.

There will probably be an R version before long.. and only offered in Europe.

It's worth pointing out that the 790 Adventure is just a prototype, not a production model. Which sucks big donkey balls. They need a MW twin ADV'er like yesterday. I haven't spent enough time thinking about the 1090 ADV-R and that may actually fill the void. But on paper the 790 ADV was the bike I'd been waiting for.

I'm even more annoyed with Yamaha for not having a production T7/Tenere 7/whatever-they-want-to-call-it. They've been teasing a ADV'ed up FZ-07 for a while now and it's fucking due. Build that shit, yo!!
Come on, Yamaha, it’s time to build and sell this thing

This thing looks like a bitchin' real-world dual-sport.
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