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Old 09-17-2018, 07:50 PM   #11
Lemming King
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Originally Posted by drinkingmymilk View Post
Id follow Joes opinion on this one.
The Dark Lord called, hell just froze over, he was mumbling something about pigs with wings and a monkey in his butt too.......

Originally Posted by JHawley View Post
everybody wants to be black till the cops show up.
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Old 09-18-2018, 11:47 AM   #12
Is it still a "mid-life" crisis at age 40?
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Originally Posted by FasYankee View Post
The Dark Lord called, hell just froze over, he was mumbling something about pigs with wings and a monkey in his butt too.......
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Originally Posted by Mr. Kurtz View Post
This place is about as family friendly as donkey porn.
Originally Posted by nhbubba View Post
Noel is my hero
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Havent touched the bike to try the water trick yet but i rode it to work yesterday and i could feel the hear/feel the bike having a problem staying at an RPM. i would try to keep it at 6K and i have it there but i see the needle with a slight dip constantly. as i would digging through youtube i saw someone have a problem when he was at idle. you could see the needle and hear the engine not staying at a constant RPM.
by the looks of it its starting to lean more to the coils and i pray thats my issue.
Joe i wouldnt say the changing the coils is a 6. i took the coils changing the spark plugs...took me a little while figuring it out because it was the first time i did that but i would say its a 3 or a 4. it can be a 6 if the kids start touching stuff that arent supoppsed to. LOL!
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If you don't mind spending $20 you can pick up an infrared thermo to check the temps of the header tubes for more precision vs the quick water method. If one appears cooler can rotate coil packs to see if the cooler temp moves with it.
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fzr, issue

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