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Old 05-31-2018, 11:43 AM   #1
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Default When motorcycles are more than lumps

I sat here on this damn keyboard figuring out if I should ask if it was a good idea to accept my fathers bike when he passes. I'm not a HD guy but I own a Buell and it's not because of the HD tie, it's because it's different. I suppose I answered my own question in the process of thought.

Making a bike "ours" is something that some of us spend large sums of money on and spend a lot of time doing and my father is no exception. This bike is a more prized possession than his own home and it means the world to him. I could never explain this feeling that he has. He's been a greaser all his life and always rides with a red shop rag hanging out his back pocket. I asked him why once when we went out for a ride and he just said "I've always have". I thought that was an extremely shitty answer at the time but I felt it must have some sort of deeper meaning.

I cannot begin to think about how he feels about this stage of his life where he has to give up what has been his way of life for decades upon decades. This bike of his is his identity, an extension of him, his youth and his personality. I have to be honest.. I don't want his bike and I don't even know what model it is but how shitty of me would it be to reject one of his last wishes?

I'm not sure how many of you have had this sort of opportunity but I hope a few of you will understand the impact of this and what it means and I hope to understand this better myself. I'm not sure what inspired me to write all this but the only people who can possibly identify with this is fellow riders. Thanks for letting me vent.
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Forget that it's a harley, forget that it's a bike, and focus on what it represents.

The fact that you're concerned for his last wishes at least suggests that you had a good relationship with your dad. I say that only because it's entirely possible that you didn't, or even that you hated the guy but that's not the impression I'm getting here. Assuming you loved your dad, it shouldn't be a stretch to realize that here is an object that physically represents his personality when he was alive and vital. Were it me (and I do love my dad) not only would I keep the bike without question or second thought, I would do everything I could to keep it the way he left it and ride it regularly. It's a way to reconnect with him after he is gone.

For what it's worth, my dad is still here and should be for a good long time. Even so, there are certain things that I have gotten from him over the years that I consider to be some of my most prized possessions because of what they represent. To me they are worth far more than any dollar amount I could ever expect to get from them and always will be.
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Joey Lawrence
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You gotta keep dads bike. especially since your saying hes had it forever and it was his baby.
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Not a close decision. Of course you take it (and ride it tons)! I’m guessing that after he’s gone, it’s going to become one of YOUR most prized possessions...

I’ve still got tools my grandpa gave me that don’t even work. They ain’t going anywhere. I’m proud he gave them to me out of everyone that could’ve gotten them, and it’s cool to think of him when I trip over them and move them (LOL)
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A bike, when ridden, owned, cared for, traveled long distance on,
wrecked on , etc:
becomes an extension of ones "self"

When dad IS gone,
you'd regret not having taken his baby under your wing.
Iv'e Out lived my expiration date...........
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Choo Choo
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Thanks for sharing. Take the bike,ride the bike, cherish the bike. As some of you might or might not know i barely knew my dad. I actually only met him 1 time when i was 21, my mom and i had to drive to Indiana to do so. He passed several yrs ago, i regret not keeping in better touch with him. He was like me, a mechanic, a drummer and loved riding, go figure. If i had the chance to have one of his bikes i would definitely take it. I have an old picture of him as a teen on a pan head with a springer front end. Not my style but cool non the same. I have met and have had a relationship with my uncle who lives here in Ct and one of the times i met him he said here... He gave me my dads leather jacket. One he wore for god knows how long. I don't wear it but I'll never part with it.

Thanks for listening all :')

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Old 05-31-2018, 07:53 PM   #8
Mr. Kurtz
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I think you'd regret not taking it if he wants you to.

Keep it clean, ride it once in awhile while he's still around, take pics and show them to him.

After he's gone, I'm guessing you won't want to get rid of it.

Also...a red shop rag is a super useful thing to have on you!
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lumps, motorcycles

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