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Old 05-22-2018, 10:35 PM   #1
Karate Kid
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Default PeaPod #343 LRRS weekend summary 05-2018

Short and sweet.

1 dry race and then 2 in the rain. Had a ball in all. Think I might actually like the rain!? heresy you say...

Saturday day Race 2 - Amateur GTL - Dry race until last lap. Good start, competitive racing all throughout, finished 3rd.

Saturday Race 7 - Amateur Lightweight Grand Prix - Full on rain race.
Decent start, again competitive racing, 2nd place finish.

Saturday Race 9 - Amateur Ultralight Superbike - Again, full on rain. Good Start, great race, my first, 1st place amateur finish!
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Karate Kid
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Call Me: Rob
Location: CT valley
Odometer: 24000
Bike: '07 Ninja 650R
Posts: 676


Took the fast way up this time thru 84, MA pike, 290, etc... Seemed to be a little better on the gas mileage rather going 91 now that I have a 6x8 open trailer and two bikes along for the ride. Traffic sucked for the ride home though.

Want to start by throwing a huge thanks out there to Peter Kates of GMD Computrack. I have been struggling to remove the front sprocket of my second bike to change it out with no luck. I bent a 1/2" tire iron into a u-shape trying to remove this thing. Asked Pete if he had an impact gun with him and he did. Spent the next 20 minutes with the impact gun, breaker bar and a torch before Pete managed to get his back into it "POP" it finally broke free. Nothing short of a miracle, thought I was going to have to cut it off. Much Thanks Pete!

Friday the weather was supposed to get down into the thirties, luckily it did not and early Saturday was a decent start. Was able to shake the new to me bike down finally in first practice. Also took some advice from Pete G. from last round and used 2nd practice as a true race prep. I usually seem to practice at a slower pace since it's only "practice". But really it should be practice in the environment of your competition, so I cranked it up a little and had good practice round giving me a shot of confidence.

Saturday day Race 2 - Amateur GTL - started on the outside of the front row. Had a good start and managed to slot into 2nd place going into turn 3. Got passed down the front stretch and then raced for a few laps in third and fourth position. Midway through the early leader began to tire or have issues and allowed us to each gain a spot. Fought for third position for most of the remainder of the race with Steve Biel, swapping positions a few times and ultimately he got the better of me. Some rain started coming down with three laps to go and I backed off considerably finishing third. Ran mostly 1:24's and 1:23's which is good but I really want to be in the 1:23's 1:22's at this time so I have to keep working at it.

Saturday Race 7 - Amateur Lightweight Grand Prix - Rain soaked race. Was actually glad for that since I did not have to do the tire swap dance. First and last time I started a rain race I managed to take first place all the way into turn 2 where I proceeded to pin it and land in the air fence. This time I had not quite as good of a start, but managed to go into turn 1 in third place behind RSP Racing's Brendan Moriarty (good start there Brendan!). Apparently I had a little more confidence in my rain tires than Brendan and I managed to pass him from 1 into 1a. From there it was a chase for five laps behind first place. Kept him in sight the whole race as we chased down a few experts from the first wave. On the last lap I made a move into turn three and passed, but did not turn in hard enough to prevent the re-pass. Took another dive going into turn 6 on the inside and made the pass again, but leaving too much room on the outside for him as he spooled it up and took me on the outside of turn 7. I worked on it going through 8 into 9, but backed out knowing he would dive for the apex and I did not need to take the chance of us crossing paths with dissimilar lines. Unfortunately we were gaining on another rider at this time and I made the wrong decisions on which way to go, and when, and could not get out front. Finished second place with times in the 1:30's! Pretty good for the rain and had a blast in the race pushing the rain tires and myself as much as I thought I could.

Saturday Race 9 - Amateur Ultralight Superbike - Got the holeshot! finally! Wish I could do this in the dry. Took off on the first lap and did not look back. Ran 1:32's in this race, so was off 2 seconds from the previous race. Apparently I need a carrot to chase to be sure I keep pushing myself harder. Scored my first amateur race win!! Almost missed collecting my trophy as I was gabbing with Brendan at the presentation, lol.

Overall a great weekend, even with the rain and the cold I brought home.

I need to thank Tony and Tony's Track Days for the insistence to ride in the rain. I finally picked up some rain tires lat year and spent a full day in the rain at Palmer. The amount of confidence I was able to build in the rain tires that day paid huge dividends this past weekend. Even if you don't have rain tires, I saw some riders on DOT's that were moving pretty damn fast in the rain. Don't waste the opportunity to build your confidence.

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Old 05-22-2018, 11:27 PM   #3
Insert Title
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Great job Rob! Enjoying rain races at your point in my career got me many podiums...keep it up!
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Crash Bandicoot
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Killer weekend dude! And congrats on the first first! It was fun dicing it up with you, even if it was only for a few turns
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Freakin' Luddite
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Nice job in the rain and congrats on the podiums!
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Fazer, don't even know er
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Congrats on the podiums dude!
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