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Old 10-09-2017, 10:56 PM   #1
Karate Kid
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Default PeaPod #343 LRRS weekend summary 10-2017

Short and sweet.

Ran consistent 1:22's, 5 seconds faster than my consistent 1:27's from last year. New Personal Best of 1.21.3

Saturday day Race 2 - Amateur GTL - Blah start, good race, podium finish!

Saturday Race 7 - Amateur Lightweight Grand Prix - Good start, non-existant race (crashed in turn 2 first lap), no finish.

Saturday Race 9 - Amateur Ultralight Superbike - DNS, rain tires on a dry track.

Sunday Race 6 - Amatuer Lightweight Superbike - DNS, rain tires on a dry track.

Sunday Race 11 - Amatuer Lightweight Supersport - Good start, good race, podium finish!
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Karate Kid
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Call Me: Rob
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Odometer: 24000
Bike: '07 Ninja 650R
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Maybe. I'll fill this in, but probably not. Ahh, decided to write it out.

Basically went into this weekend searching down my first amateur podium. I signed up for five races, instead of my normal three, to up the chances. Managed to grab a third place finish in my first race of the weekend! Got a new personal best in the race also, beating my old by 1.4 seconds! Also ran consistently for a few laps at that pace.

Saturday day Race 2 - Amateur GTL
Only 6 of us lined up for this race, and the real battle was up front between first and second in points as whoever won would win the championship. I got a decent launch, but still not enough to not go into the first turn in last place (taken by an EX500 no less). Got by the EX in turn 2 and started to chase down the rest. Took a few laps to get by fourth and then a few more to get third. Was fun as the chase really lit a fire under me to get moving. Unfortunately on lap 12, as I was coming into turn 12 I saw a corner worker running to the middle of the track to block it off. I could see a big mess across the front straight one of which was Stephanie who was in the hunt for the AM GTL championship. It sucked to see the championship chase end in that fashion, but very relieved to see both riders were able to get out relatively unscathed.

So all in all I managed to get my first podium in one of the more challenging races, while also collecting four consistent PB laptimes at the end of the race.

Saturday Race 7 - Amateur Lightweight Grand Prix
Went to grid and got sent back in due to incoming rain. Gave us 15 minutes to change tires from dry to rains. Sweat my ass of as my friend and I barely squeezed this in and then re-gridded. Probably because of the rain I managed a good start and went into turn 1 in first place for the first time ever! I had gained a ton of confidence in rain tires after a full day of riding at Palmer in the rain. Well that lasted for 1.5 turns because I had way too much confidence in the tires and totally forgot that turn 2 and painted lines are slippery. Was not even thinking as I went into the turn and pretty much got in the gas as if it were dry. As soon as I roll over the painted line the rear kicks out and I go into the air fence along with the bike. It was great while it lasted, lol. Unfortunately, the bike falls apart as it always does in my crashes and I could not get back out to restart the race.

Saturday Race 9 - Amateur Ultralight Superbike
Was able to get the bike put back together to go out for Race 9. Unfortunately, the rain had stopped and the track had dried out too much to be on the rain tires. I pitted out after the warm up lap rather than ruin the rain tires.

Sunday Race 6 - Amateur Lightweight Superbike
So the rain came in during practice Sunday morning and the early races were wet. I had left the rain tires on as the weather was very iffy as to more rain coming or not. By the time this started it was once again too dry to run the rain tires so I skipped this race and went to put the dry tires back on.

Sunday Race 11 - Amateur Lightweight Supersport
Got a mediocre start in the first of two starts to this race. Was running in fourth or so on the second lap when the red flag came out and we had to re-grid. Managed to get a much better start the second go around and was slotted to go in turn 1 in second place. Some motard had a different opinion and cut in towards the apex a bit earlier than me causing me to get on the brakes and run it a little wide, almost getting his back tire. Ran in third for two laps until I got passed going up four. Almost got him back going into nine, but same as before, my line had us crossing the apex at slightly different angles and I had to back off. Finished in this position. Thought I had come in fourth, but at the end of the day I was checking the results and saw I came in third in my class. Didn't realize the motard was not in my race. So chalked up my second third place finish of the weekend and ended the year on a high note.

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Too Short to drag knee.
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Damn! 21's!? Flyyyyyyiinnnn!
Team Brown - LRRS #521
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Old 10-11-2017, 10:25 PM   #4
Insert Title
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Congrats on the podiums and new PBs Rob! That's an awesome way to end the season!
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Shrimp Boat Captain
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I said this on the other forum but that's badass man! Congratulations on your PB.
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lrrs, peapod, summary, weekend

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