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Default ECK Racing EX #871 2017 LRRS Round 4

The weekend that could have been…

I started this weekend on Thursday as per usual. I do Thursday practice to loosen up and work a few new lines. I didn’t even put on my lap timer because I didn’t want to let that be a distractor on what is important. It was a great day and I caught a few laps with Steven Heider. He on his SV650 and me on my RC390. Those extra 30 horses make a world’s difference!

Oh! Also, new this round, was Chico. You’ve seen him on facebook. You’ve seen him around the paddock. He is the cutie that is stealing hearts. I think he did OK

Friday Steven and I went to Fun Spot near Weir Beach. I’ve never been there. And my first impression is this place was left behind in the 50s/60s! But it was a neat little vacation beach spot. And Fun Spot was amazing! So many cool old-school arcade games.

Saturday, I had Formula 300 and SuperSport 500. In Formula 300, I botched the start. Like, I sort of launched. Then stalled the bike, but no wait, I didn’t. I think I was the last one to cross the start one off the line and was mid-pack by T1. I clawed my way back through the rest of the pack into 3rd place. I’m super bummed that I couldn’t catch Gunnar and Shawn to get into the fight, but I managed to claim third. Good enough. In SuperSport 500, there were issues with the light system and we ad-libbed with the flagger. I knew from earlier racers that the flagger does not wait. So I was ready in first gear and revved before Larry flipped up the 1 board. And off we go! Gunnar, Shawn, and I are leading the group but eventually all get out-motored by BJ Worsham on his ex500. Took 4th, but whatevs.

Sunday, I had Ultralight 300 and Ultralight GP. But it was not meant to be. I got a great start in UL 300, and was ALL OVER the back wheel of Gunnar. I tried to pass in 6. I tried to pass in 3. I tried to pass in 1. I tried to take a wide line into T1 around 3rd lap, but I hit the bump with the rear wheel while I was accelerating. That was enough for the rear to skip, and I thought I’d signed up for a bull riding competition. There was a split second where it looked like I was going to save it but I had too much weight on the bars, and the bike flicked me like a booger to the ground. I landed on my right hip and a sharp pain radiated throughout. I barrel rolled to the grass. I tried to stand up and was quickly brought down by the pain. I crawled out. At some point Scott Gato Cole came up to me and someone told me I could stop crawling. I bused it back to the medical center. It appears from my current status that it was all muscular and not skeletal (other than the bruised pelvis). I *should* be back for round 5 to salvage my season.

I want to thank my sponsors: GMD Computrack Boston, Spears Enterprises, SkidMarkRacing, Pine Motor Parts, Woodcraft Technologies, OnTrack Media, MTAG-Pirelli. Of course, I can’t thank my teammates at ECK Racing enough for looking out for me.

See y’all next round.

TL;DR: Isaac go boom.
Isaac LRRS/CCS #871 ECK Racing | Spears Enterprises | GMD Computrack Boston | Spiegler Performance Parts/Carbone Lorraine | Pine Motorparts/PBE Specialists | Woodcraft | Street & Competition | MTag-Pirelli | OnTrack Media
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Glad to hear you are ok! I watched the bull riding competition from turn 2. Looked pretty damn uncomfortable of a ride. I was having a great time watching the three of you dice it up, always a good show between you guys, so it sucks you went down. I did the same thing on Friday afternoon coming out of turn 1, it hurts...
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