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Karate Kid
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Default PeaPod #343 LRRS weekend summary 09-2018 pt 2

Short and sweet.

Saturday day Race 2 - Amateur GTL - Wheelied the start, had a decent run, finished third.

Saturday Race 7 - Amateur Lightweight Grand Prix - Fun as hell start, OK run, finished third.

Saturday Race 9 - Amateur Ultralight Superbike - 1P start, good run with a battle, finished third after nearly faceplanting myself on the last corner of the last lap going for first.
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Karate Kid
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Call Me: Rob
Location: CT valley
Odometer: 24000
Bike: '07 Ninja 650R
Posts: 675


This was the final weekend of racing for the year and I had one amateur championship basically wrapped up and two others I could win with a bit of help. The previous two rounds were quite difficult and had left me a bit underwhelmed in myself. Something changed and I think it was basically me being lazy or too conservative. I went into this weekend with less thinking about things and more concentrating on having a good send off to the end of the year. Mission accomplished thanks to an enjoyable concoction brewed up by our resident Polish mechanic! Oh, and 3-4-3 third place finishes, a lap 7/10ths off my PB and, alas, only one championship wrapped up.

Saturday day Race 2 - Amateur GTL - So this is the championship I wanted badly. The previous two weekends saw a 30+ point lead evaporate with a DNF one weekend due to a clip-on coming loose, and a 9th place finish the next weekend due to a crash in my zealousness of leading from the start. I had a 16 point deficit to dig out of and needed the leader to perform poorly. It was along shot but you have to grasp for straws sometimes.

Judging by my start in this race, I was going to have to dig really really deep to come up with anything. I popped a little wheelie off the launch after which I immediately cut the gas and dropped the front hard, exacerbating the situation. I did manage to get going again pretty quickly and was heading into turn 1 in fourth. I passed for third going into turn 1 and followed the two leaders for quite a few laps before they eventually pulled away little by little. I ran in third alone for quite a bit of time until some lapped traffic came into play and the top three experts finally caught me as well. I knew I was not running well when that happens, and I averaged about 1:23 for the race.

The last three laps of this race seemed to go on forever. We all realized this when the white flag was actually deemed to be the checkered flag, but it was thrown out a lap late. Normally there are 17 - 18 laps in this race. Saturday's race had 20 laps!! I finished third, one spot behind the points leader, so was not able to pick up any points and finished second in the overall class championship. Not too bad considering one DNF and one bad finish. But the winner also had missed one weekend and had a crash in the rain as well, so it kind of evened out and the better racer won this one.

Saturday Race 7 - Amateur Lightweight Grand Prix - This was a fun competitive start. I had the holeshot off the line I think and didn't have anyone in the corner of my eyes until aiming for the barrels at turn one. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the telltale green and black of a SVM machine coming down on me squeezing me towards the barrels and causing a me a momentary blip off the throttle. He got by and then my nemesis, Ben MacKinney, was right there to squeeze me at the apex of turn 1. Well I had had enough of that, and gassed it up through 1a back around the outside of Ben but unfortunately left myself wide off the line and could not turn back down and out through turn 2 to get any drive off. Ben re-passed me took off with the leader. I slotted into third and ran there quietly the rest of the race.

I was nine points out of second in the championship and 15 out of first. I gave up more points to first and only managed to gain three points on second place, so I finish third in this championship class for the year.

Saturday Race 9 - Amateur Ultralight Superbike - My championship to loose. Had a 30 point lead in this and pretty much just had to finish one lap to clinch it. I succeeded in doing that, but not without trying to take myself out along the way.

Got the lauch and lead off the start from pole position. Led for about three laps before a motard type thing got around me. I followed him for two laps before some lapped traffic slowed him down. We both got held up as he could not pass the lapper and I could not get into a position to get in between. I finally made a move around him in turn 9 diving into 10, but had too sharp of a line and too much brake and a bad line out, letting him know I was there. He wised up and got around the guy in turn 11 while I had to slow down in turn 12 and get the lapper down the straight.

Last lap and I wanted the win to top off the championship I figured I had. I caught up in a few places but the pass was not quite there. I really drew in on him in turn 11 and thought about the outside pass, but I just don't have the experience going wide there so I held back. Well he reeeally slowed up through there and left me too much of opening to not try the pass into 11a even though it was a little late. Hoping I would be able to get there in time for him to see me, I gassed it up and went for it...well it might have been too late, he cut right across the front and I had to mash the brakes or t-bone him. I'm pretty sure I did nice stoppie for the corner workers in turn 12. The whole front end wobling left and right, I was just waiting for it to buckle and the eventual faceplant into the asphalt. I was expecting a whole lot of hurt at that moment. Somehow, my guardian angels must have been holding me up, the guy got bye and I was able to let off the brakes and the bike came down and I sailed through the grass towards the finish line. I realized I was still on two wheels, so I got back in it and crossed the finish line.

Got third place in this race (and am thankfull for that) and closed out the championship in spectacular fashion. Certainly don't want to try that again, but makes for a hell of a story.

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