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Old 03-09-2018, 08:27 AM   #61
I am not here
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Originally Posted by FasYankee View Post
To go back to the original topic/question at hand for a moment:

Do I NEED my AR? No. (General civil answer, actually my AR is an exact replica of my work unit and I train with yes I need it for the job, but if I wasn't LEO, no would be my honest answer).

Now with that in mind I will diverge and say that it shouldn't be in the governments hands so say which or what firearm I can and cannot own. But whatever......this isn't the point I came here to make.

I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that this SHOOTING problem, which is what it should be referred to, and not a gun problem and the problem is by far a direct result of the growing mental health issue.

I don't expect most here to understand. Brian will get it, Randi gets the aftermath....

I've met many of you and consider most of you as level headed, sane individuals. There are many here that I would entrust my kids to if something came to that. But you can't imagine what I'm talking about......hell I can't even explain it.

There are so many absolutely IN-FUCKING-SANE people out there it would blow your mind. The things I see (and I'm sure brian as well) I would never believe if i hadn't experienced it myself. No longer do I ask people IF they're taking meds. Now I just ask WHAT type of medications are you on. 99.99% of the time it's something....

People ask me how I deal with it, and I found a great explanation: none of it is real, from the time I suit up to the time I leave it's all make a Netflix show.....

As far as your type of ammo discussion......fucking please......they're all designed for the same thing.......I have yet to see the ammo that says "gonna hurt a little bit not too much, you know just enough to make the bad guy reconsider his poor life decisions"

Designed to do this--designed to do of the guys that got shot at that Oakdale incident caught one round in the the front...I don't know where it went after it entered, but it exited his face, pulling most of it off in the process. Largest round/shell at the scene was .40......the other kid caught something like 13-14 he just sprinkled......point is, they're all designed to do the same thing. Damage flesh. That's it. Arguing about hollow points vs FMJ vs those crazy serrated rounds is moot.......I get what they all do, but it shouldn't be on the table right now.

This is not a gun problem.

This is a shooting problem.

The core of the shooting problem is mental health. I can guarantee you that.
What amazes me is the amount of people that use the ED for their mental health treatment. and the Dr. out there who only shell out meds and do not treat.
For the Kids...

A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP
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Originally Posted by SVnunook View Post
What amazes me is the amount of people that use the ED for their mental health treatment. and the Dr. out there who only shell out meds and do not treat.

That's another thing, we do what's referred to as a PEER (police emergency examination request 17a-503). The litmus test for that is the officer has reasonable belief the subject is a danger to themselves or others. I couldn't begin to count the number of times I've sent someone to ED on a PEER and either deal with them THE SAME NIGHT, or the next day or so. The system is broke. I owe it to the knee jerk reaction to shut down all the asylums because of the mistreatment of the patients. I will concede that the treatment was horrific in certain instances but to eradicate the entire system rather than fix the problem and hold the individuals responsible for the horrific treatment was just dumb. Now the mentally ill are infused within the general populous. In the course of my training I've been educated on how to spot certain things.....minute tells that people display that indicate certain illnesses. Sometimes it may just be something on a low portion of the spectrum of a certain mental affliction......other times it's full blown. I see it everywhere now that I've been trained to look for them. In the grocery store line, the DMV, the kids sporting events.....granted most of the time it's something low on the scale, but it's still there.

The over medication has to be to's like whacking a piñ don't know what you're going to ever heard what people say their DR's tell them....."here's this pill, take this.....let's try this and you tell me how it works". They don't know what the effects are going to's a crap-shoot....everyone is different and to prescribe this crap and then let these people loose on whatever psych drug is just loony in my opinion......

Originally Posted by JHawley View Post
everybody wants to be black till the cops show up.
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Looks like another reason to keep our guns
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