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Old 03-02-2018, 04:02 AM   #11
Selective Autism

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Lol I love how some little redneck punk who’s done nothing for this country can call him a “fucking moron” �� Anyways, he posted up that he cut the Lowe & upper in half since the original cut was quicker.

Aside from that - I assume WANT supersedes the NEED for many. Just trying to get a conversation going around the current realities not what we WANT that reality to be. Look at Vegas - shit I had friend that were there tripping over bodies as they ran for cover. At the end of the day he was a legal gun owner until he pulled the trigger in the direction of people.
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Gun Control , what a slippery slope that conversation is .

Hell No on 18 year olds owning AR-15's or the like , boys or young men of that age are just not developed enough mentally to shoulder the responsibility , end of story.
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Old 03-02-2018, 06:59 AM   #13
Lieutenant Dan
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There is no immediate fix. This issue started many years ago with bad parenting and misguidance. Why are people not focusing on the community and parenting? Spend time with your kids, play games, get of your ass and go play outside with them...

Because it's "hard". People are lazy and point fingers at the easy target. Ban guns. That will fix it all.
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Old 03-02-2018, 07:59 AM   #14
Forrest Gump
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Why own any semi automatic firearm then? Lets go back to muzzleloaders and see who has skills to get off a follow-up shot.

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Old 03-02-2018, 08:06 AM   #15
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Unless there is a plan to force the turning in of every single gun that's "banned" from purchase, gun control won't do a damn thing because there's already plenty of them out there that are both legally and illegally owned. Australia's gun control looks good in statistics because they just took them away from people. The ones that they do have have to be locked up at all times, and you are subject to random police searches of your home to ensure your complying. One bullet laying out you get walked out of your families bday party in cuffs. Of course if you talk to someone in the UK you'll find out that criminals STILL have guns, and people who don't want to go through the effort of trying to get one have just simply become good at stabbing others.

Likening the "need" for a gun of any type is really no different than:
- people don't need a vehicle with more than XXX HP
- nobody needs 1000cc Motorcycles
- French fries and soda makes people fat, ban it..

Its a people problem and much like how everything seems to be in this country these days, throwing money and laws at the bandaid type solution doesn't accomplish anything in actuality. It's all "feel good" stuff.

The issue that is really at hand here is that there are people who want to cause harm. They are going to find a way to do so if that's what they are hell bent on doing. The FL shooter could have just as easily put together the same types of devices as they did in boston, and then pulled the fire alarm just the same...
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Going slightly off topic but I take issue with the "do you need it" argument as a reason to get rid of something. If the world was based on need, the vast majority of progress in the world would not have happened. Do we NEED a machine to wash our dirty clothes? Nope, people were washing clothes for untold centuries before the machine was invented. Do we need electric lights? Nope, fire works perfectly fine whether it be candles or fireplaces or gas lamps. Do we need an AR? Nope, rocks and sticks work quite well for hunting and personal defense. Imo if you (anyone) are willing to tell someone else that they shouldn't have something because they don't NEED it, then you should be willing to give up everything in your life that you don't need. Computers, tv's, cell phones, any sort of motor vehicle, jewelry, watches, investments, all of it. NONE of that stuff is NEEDED. It exists because it's wanted. The reason for the want varies by item but it's all based on want.

I don't pretend to know what the solution to the current situation is. I'm definitely pro-universal background checks and mental health screenings but I'm not deluded enough to think either of those things will prevent another shooting. An outright ban is pointless because there are already so many AR's and other incorrectly named "assault rifles" out there. Similarly any attempt to gather up and destroy all those firearms is destined to fail because there will be plenty of people who simply don't turn them in. The black market will continue distribution and will probably grow and thrive as it becomes the only source for these things. Meanwhile the regular joes and jills who stick to legal means to acquire their firearms will move on the next best thing. A bolt or lever action rifle may be a bit slower to fire than a semi-auto but we've all seen the youtube videos of people who manage a very high rate of fire with both and if semi-autos become illegal I can all but promise you that manufacturer's will develop a single shot rifle with clever mechanical design that allows for the same or near the same firing rate. And again, it's not because anyone needs it, it's because people want it.
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Old 03-02-2018, 09:01 AM   #17
krazy again
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There is a huge amount of argument availability here, but I will stick to the topic on hand (at least at first).

Well, due to my job, yes, I DO need one. But I am the exception for the most part (thank you Eric). However, there are others that could realistically use this particular firearm for a work related reason, and there are other reasons as well.

The Ruger Mini-14 is a very popular gun for use by ranchers and farmers for pest control. It is functionally the same as an AR-15, right down to the caliber and use of magazines (and will take the 30 round mags). The ONLY real differences are it does not have a pistol grip on it and is not modular. Seriously, only real differences.

Now this gun is also popular for small estate and small private landowners as well. Why? Easy to carry. Easy to shoot. Small caliber. Other than the fact that it is semi automatic no one seems to be calling for it being banned. So, it very easily shows that the AR-15 and its kind are being singled out solely on cosmetic reasons.

As for your saying no one hunts with it, I actually would like to take mine down south at some point where they do the night time feral hog hunts. The most popular gun used in those hunts is the AR-15 and AR-10 (.308 caliber version). I haven't yet, but plan to if and when I should ever have the time.

That said, the AR-15 does have a use and purpose. And as for home defense, in the right hands I would trust it more than a shotgun or handgun. Accurate and precise, requires that you know your target, and if the perp is slightly obscured or heaven forbid holding someone, accurate enough to take a head shot easily and end the threat. I have trained with it, granted, but in training I was comfortable enough to take a head shot on someone from 25yards away hold ing "hostage" with a gun to their head. Threat was ended. Scenario over. I don't pretend to expect anyone untrained to be able to do so, or even attempt it, but if you own a gun you should train with it and know how to use it. Therefore, be able to do something similar if god forbid it ever came down to it.

So yeah, there is a "need" for the gun for those that might want it. Nothing and no one ever said you HAVE to have one.

The argument of banning something based on the idea that you don't "need" it is just plain bad. Sorry. But if that were the case, no one needs a vehicle that can go over 70-75mph. No one "needs" exceptionally large chocolate bars (or small ones for that matter). Alcohol. Cigarettes. ....Marijuana. People want these things because they want them. You cannot take away the object of someone's desire and expect them not to want it, perhaps even more than before.

The debate on guns and gun control is, IMO, idiocy. The fact is that we need to address WHY these things are happening when, in decades past, people brought guns to school and showed them off to their classmates, their teachers, etc., then went hunting after school. Or participated in shooting sports in school. Hell, they taught firearm safety in school to everyone.

So now we have people trying to curtail the 2nd amendment, but not the first. The argument of "speech doesn't kill" is incorrect. If that were the case, 4400 kids would not commit suicide each year due to being bullied (CDC stats). So, more kids die per year from people's "free speech" being used against them to a point where they kill themselves. Is it any surprise that those same kids wouldn't look to lash out? Maybe we should take a moment and teach our kids to be kind, and to perhaps pay attention to the loners and bring them into the fold. Make them feel accepted and if not, at least acknowledged. Until we do that, until we stop creating the mental health problems associated with these people, the problems will continue.

Long post, sorry. Bless you if you made it to the end. LOL!
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Old 03-02-2018, 09:21 AM   #18
Forrest Gump
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A ban will do nothing to stop the sales of AR's

$800 and a router and I could buy an AR... Are you going to ban steel and aluminum next?
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For deer hunting, CT and a handful of other states require centerfire rifles to be calibered in .243 or larger.
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Originally Posted by Juice View Post
A ban will do nothing to stop the sales of AR's

$800 and a router and I could buy an AR... Are you going to ban steel and aluminum next?
The proposed ban bill going around specifically outlaws receivers or other parts used to make an 'Assault weapon rifle' as defined in the bill.
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