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Old 08-02-2017, 07:26 AM   #1
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Default Best Small Business Lap Top?

I know some of you are well versed in the world of laptops and computers in general which I am not. Help point me in the right direction to make a purchase for my organization. I can read reviews and all kinds of nonsense articles but nothing beats an in person experience. Here are my needs:

1. Must be capable of video conferencing with good picture quality.
2. Must contain the usual suspects for software (Xcel, Word, Power Point, etc).
3. Open to operating system, Chrome or Windows.
4. Touch Screen Capability
5. Must have great video quality

We will be using the laptop for normal business operations, book keeping, data storage, creating graphics for flyers and so on. I'm not familiar with programs that can do what we need to do so school me a little here. Trying to keep in under 800 bucks. TY!
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Your way over thinking this..... Pick up an ASUS or Dell laptop with an SSD and a upgraded graphics card if you can find one with it. A 5 year old laptop will still video conference as good as a new one, and run all the "usual" suspects for software and then some. It will do the job just fine.

Oh and why touchscreen? Not overly useful IMO and will add extra $$$ to the price of the thing.
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Old 08-02-2017, 03:42 PM   #3
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I have been successful in buying cheap dells on ebay.

They come loaded with crap but an immediate full reset of windows 10 makes for a clean machine
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Old 08-03-2017, 02:07 AM   #4
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If you're not tied specifically to Microsoft office, give a chromebook a try. You can find a really good one for like $400, they're super light, easy to use. Plus pretty much everything is stored on google drive so if you ever lose the computer you can just go buy another one and login and you haven't lost much if anything. #1 selling point for me right there

A windows laptop is only needed IMO if you need to run full office (macros, large files, integrating with legacy office systems) or other heavy-duty apps, 90% of personal and, increasingly, business needs can be satisfied with the chromebook.

If you use office online already, that is the best part of Window's core offering and there really isn't a need to buy a Windows laptop, unless you're talking enterprise business.

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Actually, reviewing some of your "requirements" I think you need to specify a bit more e.g. a specific accounting software (or just Excel), how much data storage you wanted (and if you're okay with storing it in Google Drive, possibly with a fee depending on how much), and what kind of graphical editing you want to do. You'd need a decent laptop to run photoshop, but they have photoshop online now and there's several really simple apps in the chrome store for working with pictures or making cheap graphics/flyers/etc.
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