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Old 10-29-2018, 05:18 PM   #11
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That is one sweet moto .

I bet it puts one huge smile on your face.
Noxen you may be gone but you will never not be forgotten. Godspeed to you always............

Raybusa0818 you may be gone also, but you will never be forgotten. Godspeed to you always.................

Matt V ..........Godspeed to you , I know...
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Old 10-29-2018, 07:31 PM   #12
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Originally Posted by jimmycapp View Post
sweet bike. How's the TPI?
Good so far. Took it on it's maiden voyage for a few hours and put it through some technical terrain and even a few water crossings. Bike runs great, and the engine is very easy to lug.

What I like: Bike feels much lighter than it is and is very "tossable". Suspension works very well, although the forks may be a tiny bit too soft for the riding I do. It looks amazing, and with the JD kit I can make air/ fuel adjustments at the push of a button vs. mess with jetting.

What I dislike: First and foremost is the Dunlop tires. My YZ 250 has sticky hybrid tires with tubliss that I run very low pressures in the mud. Yesterday was muddy and despite being likely a more capable bike, I was seriously hindered by those garbage tires on the KTM. I couldn't run too low of pressures because bike from the factory usually run cheap tubes.

So far though I think the complexities added by having TPI will be negated by proper maintenance and careful planning. I'll definitely have an extra few parts than I normally would, such as oil pump. Have to be careful with the extra electronics as well.
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Old 10-31-2018, 10:54 AM   #13
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Just saw this, congrats on a sweet bike!
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Old 11-01-2018, 01:08 AM   #14
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First ride video and review!

A few friends and myself went up to Kahuku and I loaned my YZ-250 to a co-worker that had not ridden dirt in awhile. We did Kahuku rather than our usual riding area of Mililani is that Kahuku is typically drier, has easier trails and can easily loop back to our trucks if I needed to do any adjustments to the bike. It was nice having my friend ride my YZ, because I had to help him through some sections and challenging hill climbs. This allowed me to make direct comparison between the new KTM and the YZ.

Engine: For most of the ride I had the bike on map #2, which is the more mellow map. For me, it was a bit too pedestrian and sometimes felt a little underpowered. I seemed to have to slip the clutch more than I expected throughout the ride, but some of this could be attributed to me being too used to running the rekluse Z-start pro on the YZ. I switched to map #1, which woke the bike right up and felt more natural to me. By the time I switched to Map #1, I was starting to get a little used to the bike, so I think it felt even better than I'd expect, likely thanks to my comfort with the bike. I did for the most part listen to the owners manual by not going over 70% throttle for the first 5 hours. So I have not really had a chance to run the bike fast or to open the bike up, but the mid-range pull is great. The counterbalanced engine does seem considerably smoother than any 2 stroke I've ever ridden prior.

Suspension: Toughest to review right now because it is still breaking-in, however the way the suspension is set-up from the factory feels pretty damn good. The bike has a light weight feel, that even the YZ does not have. It just feels very "flickable" and easy to quickly change direction. The forks do feel a little soft, but I did not seem to bottom them out in my ride. According to reviews on the 17-18 XCW's, the newer XPLOR forks are garbage and way too soft without major work. KTM claims they stiffened up the '19, and I'm happy with how they are, maybe just with a minor adjustment. (As long as they don't soften up considerably more as they break-in further). Rear shock really impressed me. There were many sections I rode that have tall roots and step-ups that the rear of the bike just seemed to glide over, where my YZ always liked to deflect off to the side.

Overall, I do really like the new KTM. At the start of the ride, I did struggle a bit with the bike. My YZ-250 is extremely well set-up for the trails I ride, between the recluse, left hand rear brake, tubliss front and rear with sticky hybrid tires, I just did not have nearly the same confidence on the KTM. A few hours into riding, I started to get more comfortable on it, although not entirely to the level I am on the YZ. The difference in bike setup was apparent in one hill climb. I struggled on a rocky hill climb to find any sort of traction and it took a lot of effort to grind my way to the top. My friend that was on my YZ was stuck at the bottom, unable to get very far (He hasn't ridden a bike in years). I jumped on the YZ and bombed up the hill in one crack, not a single problem. The recluse could have played a bit of a part, but when I saw that part of the video when I was pulling clips, it was apparent that it was mostly the tires. The tubliss and shinko cheater (hybrid gummy tire) combination is magic riding trails in Hawaii. The stock Dunlop, needing higher PSI to keep from pinching a tube was at a major disadvantage.

As soon as these tires are done, I'll have tubliss front and rear ready to install. A goldentyre fatty front and shinko cheater rear, and I'll be happy. I've considered running a similar rekluse set-up using the new Core EXP 3.0 and LHRB, which in my opinion would make this bike an absolute menace on the trails. It's a conundrum because I know the excellent value it adds and it literally allows me to ride longer (great for hare scrambles) and tackle very technical terrain concentrating on just throttle control and traction. The value it adds though is negated by the harm it is doing to my progression as a rider. I don't improve clutch and bike control with the recluse and use a tool as a major aid. Not going to lie, it is also a bit of an embarrassment to be running a rekluse in the off road community here. I likely would've never installed one on my YZ had it not already been installed by the previous owner.

I think the KTM is a great bike and is extremely capable. KTM has done an incredible job refining the ultimate trail orientated 2 stroke. I like how it feels so far, and the more seat time I get, there more I think I'll end up loving it.
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Old 11-01-2018, 07:52 AM   #15
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It's amazing what a little too much tire pressure will do. I run 10-11 psi cold on pirelli mt-16 (UHD tubes). I was riding last month and was having a ton of traction issues on hill climbs. Thought I needed new tire. Checked pressure when I was home and it was 15psi. Dropped it down and it grips amazingly again. Night and day.
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Old 11-01-2018, 09:35 AM   #16
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Agree on the pressures, Ive been running 8-10 on my 250X and the difference in grip is huge.
Nice ride, nice to see more smokers. I picked up a 2018 YZ250X a few months ago and pretty happy with it so far.
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I've never ridden in the North East, but I cannot recommend tubliss enough. If you think grip from 15-12 or 12-8 is a big deal, try feeling super low pressures 0-5 psi.

I used to run MT-16 tires, but I think they are a bit old news at this point. They were the choice for many here in Hawaii before hybrid tires became popular. Kenda IBEX, Shinko Cheater or other similar tires are simply phenomenal, especially at those low pressures. They mix that insane grip of trials tires with the ability to run through soft dirt and mud that the MX tires can.

Congrats on the YZ-250X... great bike! My 05' has been bulletproof over the last 4 years. These bikes sure can take a beating!

I literally ran mine into a river, and it took us 5-10 minutes to pull it out while it was fully submerged. Water got into EVERYTHING, and some basic maintenance cleared it right out.
I also ran my YZ completely dry out of coolant for hours during a hare scramble race, just to get it back to the pits. The piston rings were toast, but not even a scrape on the cylinder wall, simple top end rebuild and a slight hone and it was back in action running better than ever.

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Old 11-02-2018, 07:35 PM   #18
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Beauty good luck with her
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