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Old 10-17-2018, 03:38 AM   #1
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Default My new KTM!

My new trail weapon is here, and it sure is purdy! I'll be demoting the YZ-250 to backup bike duty, and one that friends can ride. I'm still waiting for some parts before she'll be fully trail ready, but here she is in her stock form




In process of installing BPD radiator guards, BPD front and rear disk guards, cycra probend wrap around hand guards, ktm trailtech fan kit, slavens racing idle control modification, exhaust flange guard and frame guards. Once these crappy stock tires wear out, I'll be replacing with tubliss front and rear and going with one of the good hybrid choices out there... Shinko Cheater or Kenda IBEX. I also ordered replacement plastics and graphics (different look as well), and will be putting the stock six days plastics unused in a safe place.

Without all the guards I want and beater plastics, I haven't had the chance to take it in the woods yet. Just barely got 20 minutes of riding around my neighborhood to start the break-in process, but I'm itching to try this thing out. I was on the fence about getting a 300 XCW for the last year or so, and always figured if I was getting a new bike it'd be the six days version so I can somewhat quantify spending that much $ on a damn dirt bike. When I saw the design change for 2019 (2018 is fugly) and the inclusion of TPI after a year of working out some of the kinks, I jumped on an opportunity to grab one.

So about the TPI, a lot of information out there about these bikes already. It is going to be the future (whether we want it or not), and KTM is already working on replacing all of their 2 stroke models with fuel injection. In the research I've done, I am accepting some of the cons, such as increased complexity with more wires that can be troublesome in moist environments and the need to replace an oil pump every top end rebuild. I'll be regularly packing the electric connections with dielectric grease and cautiously use my pressure washer.

I already have plans to quell some of my concerns. I always keep tons of extra parts and tools (clutch plates, oils, coolant, bolts etc), in the event of a catastrophic failure deep in the trails. I can always ride a friends bike out to grab what I need and return. Simple repairs are always made with the small tool kit I bring with me. With the TPI I'm just keeping two more parts in my truck as a precaution: Extra oil pump and Portable jump starter. The portable starter helps with my biggest concern, if the battery dies on my bike, it will not start even by kicking.

The TPI idle and lean running issue: KTM switched to TPI bikes seemingly out of necessity to meet stringent European emissions standards. These bikes run lean down low to likely meet those requirements further and essentially KTM loctited the screw that would adjust idle so that it is impossible to move, remove or replace without heating it up first with a torch after taking apart the throttle assembly. Once these bikes break-in a bit, people complain the idle lowers over time and they have to raise the idle with the air screw. Raising the air screw compounds the lean conditions that these bikes experience in the low end and makes it much harder to start. By installing a new screw that's easy to adjust, bypasses the locked in screw that is only locked to appease emissions standards. I'd rather raise idle with fuel and air rather than just air on any bike. There are a few options to do custom ECU tuning on these bikes, hopefully more lower cost options come out soon. I'd always rather be a little rich than too lean, especially in the heat of Hawaii.

I'll update this thread with more pictures once I have the bike all together. Maybe a video/ review soon.

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Six day nice!!
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I swear, I'm an adult.

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Damn that's nice!!!!!!! I don't need to see things like this when I'm fighting a daily struggle to go get a new one.
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Old 10-17-2018, 08:18 AM   #5
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Saw the IG post a few days ago. Can't wait to see this thing in action.
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Shit that's awesome. Glad to see an expansion chamber!!
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Very nice
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sweet bike. How's the TPI?
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Old 10-29-2018, 03:21 PM   #9
Mr. Kurtz
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Nice! That's my next bike
Just bought a 150R for my not anytime soon
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