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Thread: How To: Install an Auxiliary Fuse Panel (F4i)

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    Default How To: Install an Auxiliary Fuse Panel (F4i)

    Alright, time for an update. I wanted to install a separate fusebox for stuff like power plugs, heated grips, possibly a Garmin hardwire. Since all the parts came in already, I've been fiddling for the last two days taking my time with the fuse box. Probably spent way more time that I should have, but it came out nice.

    Bike, check. Tools, check. Fairings and plastics came off easy since I remembered everything from the the slider fiasco the other day. Lifting the tank a bit, I saw the stock wiring and decided to run my wires alongside.

    Now for the best part. It's the FZ-1 from A bit pricy at $80 but nice as hell. It's tiny, pretty sturdy (check their website for crash pics) and has two internal buses. One is on a direct feed from the battery and the other one is controlled via a switched relay. For each device (you can plug 6), simply choose whether you want it always on or only when the ignition is on. Then you put a fuse in the appropriate spot.

    Even though this thing is small, I had trouble finding a place for it. So I used a piece of play-doh with approximately the height of the fuse box and after some experimenting with the seat, I figured out that the only place under the seat that can fit the fuse box is already taken by the Power Commander. Bummer. So I decided to mount the fuse box upside down with some velcro under the seat. This way, it will sit just above the owner's manual and tool box, with enough clearance.

    Next, wiring -- flexible heat-resistant tubing, some 16-gauge heat/water/oil resistant boat wire, inline fuse, heat-shrink ring connectors and some posi-locks. By the way, ... it's the shit. This stuff makes me not want to touch another connector again.

    So I went with 3 sets of wires -- one for a set of cigarette lighters (5A should be plenty, or I can install a bigger fuse), one for hardwiring a Garmin and one for heated grips.

    And back on the bike:

    Done for the day, happy with the result! Bike's getting dusty, so a cleaning is in order :wub: then it's either HIDs or cigarette lighters.

    Hope no one steals my fairings.

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    Thanks all. I don't have a cover yet but may get one for the winter.

    Here's the next "mod" -- took a fuse puller tool, chopped one end off, trimmed it, drilled out the hole on one side and was able to fit it into the fuse box. Not my original idea but oh well

    I also installed HIDs the other night, pics incoming soon.

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    Holy shit dude. Nice write up. Cant wait to see the hids. Nice job putting the sliders on to

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