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Thread: Tiger in the Snow, first ride 2010!

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    Danny500 Guest

    Default Tiger in the Snow, first ride 2010!

    So, it's not SUPER cold... but still. Threw on the new HJC IS-16 helmet i got for christmas, 2 sweatshirts, the jacket, the snow pants, the boots, and the touring gloves...

    And I must say, I was quite toasty... However.. after about 30 mins and a decision to stop and take a few pics... this was me:

    But it was a gorgeous day!!! I just couldn't bring myself to smile... lol. To f'n cold.

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    your effin crazy! props to ya!

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    Default might be easier to do on the MT250 right?
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    Dan the man! Plowing through that snow! Great pics.

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    Danny500 Guest


    That last pic kinda explains it all. On the asphalt, it wasn't bad at all.. fun actually. Beautiful even. Lol. But... going off-road to grab those pics was NOT fun. I ended up letting a couple psi out of the rear tire to grab enough to pull out of there. Lol... I think, maybe I'll wait till it warms up a few more clicks before hopping out again.

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    Tigger Guest


    lol nice pics Dan

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