I rode to work and let me say, HOLY CRAP MY HAND"S WERE COLD!!!!! I had to run them under warm water for a few minute's when I got to work. Coming home was good. The new grip's I put on sucked (renthal) they were too small to grip with my hand's.If I had small to med hand's they probb. would have been ok. But my baseball mitt's don't like small grip's. It felt like I had two straw's for bar's. Needless to say the busa got some stock grip's back on her and moose grip heater's yesterday. I put a stock windscreen on to try it out beacuse I never rode it with one, the DB went back on too. As for the new helibar's there the best thing i've done to the bike. The lever's were a little high so I had to do some removing of material from some lacation's on the master cyl's to be able to rotate them down so I could get the desired height from them. I lowered the bike a little and did notice much difference in the way it handle's. Today it's off to the garage to install the new carbon fiber look decal's instead of the cheap looking chrome one's. Next week the HID's should be in. As for the new exhaust, you WILL here the busa coming now Stay warm.