Difficulty: Beginner
Time Needed: 20 min
Tools Needed: Metric allen wrenches, Locktite

Ok first, the LSL Stabilizer. I bought this just because at higher speeds, I get some wobble in the bars, and it will also help during cornering. If you've never ridden a bike with bars (instead of clip-ons), everything you do as an input to the bars is exaggerated. Because the bars give you considerably more leverage, turn in is faster and any input you give the bars while leaned over (like hitting a bump) is also exaggerated. I am hoping the stabilizer helps with these issues.

The stabilizer is pictured below with all the parts labeled. I also drew a line showing where the stabilizer is to be mounted on the bike.

The install is very straight forward. There are bolts that mount the stabilzer to the engine via 2 allen head screws. You then mount the fork mount to the fork loosely in order to check steering clearance. Move the bars back and forth to make sure they have full range of motion in both directions. When satisfied, use Locktite to secure the bolts in the fork mount and tighten. Check once again after tightening to make sure nothing shifted and you still have full range of motion.