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Thread: Crash!!... I binned it at NJMP last weekend

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    Unhappy Crash!!... I binned it at NJMP last weekend

    Yeah, as the title states, I went down last Sunday at the track... Hard. My SV and myself are both pretty broken.

    Don't really have a great explanation. I was coming up pretty hot on Turn 6 (which is probably the easiest turn of the track), and from what I can remember and people told me (I kind of mentally blocked out the moments around the event), I was coming up on a group of slow moving riders and must have just grabbed too much brake while turning in(?)(it's a very fast turn)... or perhaps an abrupt steering input? I don't really know. I would love to think I slipped on debris or something, but it was probably me! (If it was too much brake, hey, I couldn't help it, those new shorty levers from Ducati Mike just feel so good!)

    Anyways, all I know is that the wheel washed out and I slammed down hard on the right side. The bike low sided and slid before catching and tumbling end over end (I do recall seeing the bike tumbling in what seemed like slow motion). Me, on the other hand slid, rolled, was tossed like a rag doll. This was my first crash. It's true what they say, I thought I was done (or maybe just wanted to be) rolling and tried to get up, but was still moving. When I finally stopped, my first thoughts were, 1) Holy Fuck, I'm alive, 2)My neck and back are thankfully ok, and 3) I'd better get off the track before I get ran over! I attempted to roll off the track, but could only turn over once. My shoulders/arms were useless.

    So the ambulance came, boarded and collared me, and ended up going to the local emergency room, where I spent 7 hours getting various CT scans and x-rays. Turns out I have multiple fractures to my left heel, which I have now seen specialists and we're not going to operate at this time, just let them heal in a splint. I also have terrible pain and limited mobility in both shoulders, waiting to have MRI's done. And a huge black and blue to my right thigh where I initially went down.

    I will say, without a doubt that all my gear did it's job extremely well. The heel fractures were impact, not twisting. And the shoulder injuries are probably from me trying to stop myself from rolling. Really no road rash or other injury.

    While my life is certainly altered (hopefully short term), I do consider myself very lucky. Hey, I was having a great time before this happened, and I hope to get out there again sometime... perhaps not this summer.

    The bike, I don't know. I'm going to file an insurance claim and hope they total it. I could use the money for copays, physical therapy, etc. And I didn't love it enough to care to fix it. It doesn't look horrible?, but I think to fix it would run close to it's value. We'll see.

    Just wanted to make my public service announcement, and to let you know why you won't see me around or at the tuesday night rides. Thanks to Steve (svsteve) and Brian (Krazy Again) for taking care of me.

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    Oh man.. So sorry to hear this.
    You have a great outlook though and I wish you a very quick recovery, Mike!

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    sorry to hear it, Mike. if you need help with anything, let me know.

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    Damn sorry to hear! Glad you made out relatively ok and recovery is already in your sights. Good luck!
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    oh noes. i loved your blue sv. well glad your okay dude. get better soon
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    Damn sorry to hear this man - glad your relatively ok though.
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    Hope you get well soon Mike. I saw the bike in the garage and it looked pretty well totaled. Happy you faired better.
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    This sucks. Glad you're up and about with a good attitude.

    Out of curiosity, what boots were you wearing?

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    Oh man, Sorry to hear Mike, Heal up Quick
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    That really sucks Mike! Glad you're relatively okay. You'll be back in the saddle soon enough I'm sure!

    Even if you're not riding you should still come out to the food or ice cream after the Tuesday night rides. I did after my crash!
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