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ok, I was bored today and fiddled a little. I had 3 different diameter clear hoses, but no soda, but got some wet sant out of the sandbox to see what happened.

few things.

the larger (maybe 3/8-1/2) dia. hose would pick up the sand better without clogging, i'm sure it would really grab the soda.

the distance of the air nozzle from the discharge end of the clear hose seems to make a big difference, seems to be a fine line between establishing sufficient negative pressure and directing the media where you want it to go (and not all willy-nilly).

fyi.....a sandblaster from HF is $55 and the conversion kit to make it a soda blaster is $30, and 50lbs of soda is $30.....so uhh.......time>money?

oh, and I'd guess that the entire lenght of tubing leading back to the soda would make a difference as well, but I didn't have time to fiddle with that.....the sections I was using were only about 1-2ft long. I was planning on using it like a HVLP gun and attach the soda canister to the gun itself so I didn't have to use two hands to operate it.
Meh, imo unless someone is willing to give you money in exchange for your time, that time is worth exactly $0.00. Sure it has intrinsic value from a living your life perspective but one could argue that this is a learning experience and therefore a totally valid way to spend your time.

But now we're getting all philosophical and going off topic. I'm gonna play with this basic setup a bit more and see what I come up with. If I can improve it, great, if not, I'm out maybe 20 bucks now and it kept me busy instead of sitting on the couch.