In hopes of minimizing future drama, some simple rules have been established.
Please understand that the intent is not to control people, but rather to minimize problems and make a more peaceful user-friendly forum.
  • not everything in the world (or this forum) revolves around motorcycles, so if you want to/need to discuss that "other" stuff, do it in this forum (The Bullpen)
  • Your posts here do NOT add to your post count, so whoring here will do nothing but fill time and possibly entertain people
  • Whoring is not specifically forbidden, but it is noticed, and it is annoying to everyone... so if you are going to whore make it entertaining at least. Blatant whoring for whoring's sake may be deleted.
  • Posting a bullpen topic someplace other than the bullpen will only cause it to be moved to the bullpen
  • Most subjects are open for discussion and debate, BUT...
  • Subjects which are "hot button" issues (religious, political, racial) may be closed without warning if it appears that the point of the thread is to create drama or draw people into a heated debate, or if it is degenerating into a pissing contest
  • Violating the rule above will result in closure/removal of the thread and someone will probably send you a PM to explain why.
  • Drama, while entertaining on TV, is painfully annoying here, especially to the admin/mod staff because we have to clean up after you all when things get messy, so clean up your own messes.
  • Treat each other with (at least the appearance of) mutual respect regardless of your personal feelings for each other, or else you may find yourself visiting "banned camp" for a couple days.
  • Play NICE for cryin out friggin loud..