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Thread: Small engine repair

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    Default Small engine repair

    So last time I mowed my lawn, I couldn't get my Stihl weedwhacker started, worked fine last summer. And my Echo backpack blower runs great, but only on 3/4 choke. I've got a ton of projects going on and don't want to take the time to work on these... anybody wanna make a deal where I drop these off along with a case of your favorite beer and a crisp $20 bill, and then I pick them up in good running condition a week or two later?

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    Your offer aims a little low. Dealer will charge $60+/hour. Service techs make $15-$20 hour.

    Both clearly have carb issues. They are simple diaphram carbs. If they can be cleaned, you're looking at about 2-3 hours of work, by an experienced individual. Many times, it's not worth tearing appart those diaphram carbs because they can't be repaired. Most often, it's just irder the carb and replace it. You could easily do that yourself.

    CT power and sport in Wallingford is a Stihl dealer. I believe that Midstate in Middletown is an Echo dealer. (They are also Stihl)
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    I looked a parts and the new carb on a crapstman was only $35 so replaced it.
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    A quarter keg of my favorite beer sounds better.
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