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Thread: Alpinestars GP Pro One Piece Leather Suit

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    When I bought a suit in the winter of 13-14 I took a drive down to Philly to visit the Revzilla store.

    This is the suit I walked out with. It wasn't the suit I'd intended to buy.

    What tipped the scales was that this suit has that accordion "elasticated" leather up your flank (not just across the lower back), which offers a little give without letting the suit get baggy. The lower-end suits don't have that. This suit fits my torso perfectly, whereas the same-size suit in a different model did not.

    Only complaint I have is that the lower legs are a bit bulky, but once I've got my boots on I don't notice that.

    Yes, the legs are looser than the torso. Then again, I'm an old guy without much muscle mass in my legs.

    What I learned from my trip is that suit cuts vary all over the place. Saying you're an "off the rack" fit may be true for one suit but not a different model, same size, from the same manufacturer. There really is no substitute for trying the thing on.

    So if you're going mail order, figure in the cost of a return. You may well need it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prev1 View Post
    I was thinking about a new suit and see that STG has these on sale for $880 (list price is $1,130.)

    I have a A* now so know the fit and quality.

    Is there a better or different suit I should consider for this price? I fit a standard off the rack suit.

    Are you more interested in bargains or protection?

    As you know and everyone else has said, A* makes good suits and the higher up the ladder you go, the more race oriented you get. What this means is more comfort on the bike vs. off the bike. So you get more precurve, more elastic panels, perforated in different areas (for a tucked position), race humps, additional protection and so on.

    Bargain wise, I've seen better deals on that suit - but since it's on closeout, you'd have to luck out with the right size. I've seen them as low as 50% off.

    At <$750, good buy... at the prices you're quoting, you could have bought it all day long before closeouts (IMO).

    Having said all of that, if you need a suit and you like this one and like the price, go for it. I'd personally want more of a discount or I'd get a different suit for almost $900 (The Leguna Seca mentioned is a good choice if you can get it at that price). Can't go wrong either way.
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    I have been looking and did find that suit at a lower price (ebay for example). I also see the A* Atem at about $900.

    I guess I will shop around.

    Are there any sellers that I should consider that don't show up on the search engines at the top or near top of the list?

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    I love my a* suit, and it worked well when needed.
    Like with any name brand they have several levels of gear, ok-better-best.
    Do some research and see if the "deal" is actually a good deal on a good suit.
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    Do you think the A* run true to the size chart or smaller? The reason I ask is there is no way I am size 44 euro in boots/shoes and yet the A* boots size 44 is a tight fit.
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