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Thread: Cycling Mileage "Challenge" 2015

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    For cycle clothing its just like mc gear, buy what you can afford.
    Better stuff lasts longer and just works better, check out to see whats out there, but their prices are hard to beat.
    For pedals and shoes, if you want to walk around in them I'd stick with SPD type.
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    Shimano SPD pedals. Not real light but they will outlast the next two or 3 bikes.

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    Get a pair of $100 or less mtn bike shoes. Weight and Sole stiffness does not matter at this level. you can lose more pounds than the shoes, pedals or bike matter. Anyone that tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something.

    Get the cheapest shimano spd compatible pedals you can find. I have had a set of base shimano spd mtn pedals for 20+ years, and they still work fine. And I have done ZERO to them other than spray them with WD-40 and lube if they get locked up after winter riding.

    Check out and get a set of bib shorts and a jersey. Also, if your gonna ride in spring/fall or cooler temps, get arm, knee and leg warmers. At $20 each, that $60 total, they can be the difference between freezing your arse off and being comfortable. A skull cap and wind vest are also good to have along on a ride to help regulate your body temp.

    Cycling is addictive, the fitter you get, the more you want to do it. GLUCK.

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    I'm up and on my way to New York. So tired why does this have to start so early.

    I haven't done more than 30 miles yet this year and only one rated climb so far. Not sure I will be able to do 100 miles and a category 2 climb.
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