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Thread: TCX X-Square Plus Boots

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    Default TCX X-Square Plus Boots

    TCX X-Square Plus Boots

    Really more of a sneaker/shoe. Stronger toe box and heel cup than you would think for something so much like a sneaker. Pretty stiff sole too. Definitely feels more like a moto boot walking than a sneaker. More comfortable than a touring or race boot though. Hard ankle cups on both sides of ankle. Ankle feels secure with armor and strap but it's pretty low cut, just the height of a normal basketball hightop. Cut's down even lower in the back by the achilles which I'm not crazy about.

    I have been liking these combined with kevlar jeans and strap on rs taichi knee guards for casual slow rides. Very comfortable off the bike. Flows about as much air as a hiking boot, maybe a little more, but less than a sneaker.

    Velcro strap does a good job at keeping the laces from going everywhere. Very thin sole, and quite narrow design, a lot of the arch hangs over the edge of the sole.

    7/10 Would buy again.
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