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Thread: Water + cold = ice + track bike = sad face

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    Quote Originally Posted by GixerJockey View Post
    Somebody come remove my crashed bike from the trailer, and then remove the water from said crashed bike.
    I can help with this
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    I changed my water out and now I have antifreeze leaking on the floor...should of just left the water in there.

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    I still don't have my race bike back. Everything else hasn't really been touched since last fall. That's kind of sad.

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    My bikes are ready for winter!

    Oil changed, chains cleaned and waxed, bikes washed and waxed, air pressure upped for the cooler weather, etc.

    But, No cold weather to worry about here :-) I'm finally getting to jacket weather this past week, pretty much squidded it up all summer unless on the track or in the mountains.
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