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Thread: take all the firewood you want

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    Quote Originally Posted by GixerJockey View Post
    So let's go... I'll steal someone's open trailer, I have 2 chain saws, you have your company truck (so who cares if you grossly exceed the bed capacity)
    Yesterday I picked up a ~1500 lbs elevator motor in Queens. The ride back up the Merritt was a blast of butt puckering excitement. Every car that cut me off I thought I was going to kill.
    -Gabe, is a racist.

    Matt 9/19/10

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    Swears he's coming today. We'll see.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Kurtz View Post
    he's a social liability
    Quote Originally Posted by dynamite196 View Post
    Print this out and send it to the social security office as proof of a mental disability.

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