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Thread: Sharing Trails

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    I'm gonna make a quick statement. I agree with the horses or lack there of because of the horse itself not because of the rider but, there is an element of rider experience to factor in as well so with that said, horses are out as I felt they would be. I did not include mountain bikes because recreational activities that have different footprints don't always play well together.

    We are currently looking at making a single track area only and it may be larger than we expected. Nearly 30,000 acres and yes, it's in CT. NETRA (New England Trail Riders Association) is very involved in what we are doing and are looking for an area to hold more events so it is their best interest to bring in their hired guns (Lobbyists) when it comes time.

    As a former dirt bike rider, I know that not dealing with a bunch of nonsense while riding is a plus because I rode to clear my head and sweep away the BS from the day or the week. Trail riding is an experience that can be pretty intense and when the added factor of sharing trails with another group is factored in, it changes the experience.

    I will continue to bounce questions, poles and ideas off the group to better understand what the majority specifically needs to have to create a positive and safe trail riding experience so keep on the comments. Also, don't forget to factor in beginners and youngsters to the mix. This can be averted by trail difficulty levels in the build process.

    We have a ways to go as far as planning but DO NOT tell me it's impossible because I feel we are proving that it is not. With the proper approach, plan and people we can execute these ideas. The DEEP is actually helping us, not getting in the way. It's the local municipality that will be the road block and at some point we will need your help, your voice to punch through these barriers. Thank you!
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