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Thread: Track Vehicle discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by CatahoulaBuldog View Post
    Im now working on making the new trailer a comfortable way to stay at the track and im sure that as long as I keep my expectations reasonable it will be just fine.
    My Checklist
    Tall enough to stand in
    110v / Shore Plug
    A "real" Bed
    Roof vent
    Lights 12v and or 110

    Anything more is gravy on a suitable living space i.e. Microwave, TV, AC, Coffee maker ect

    If you treat the trailer as a living space first and storage second you'll be alot happier in the end
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    I'm probably all the way at the left end of the bell curve when it comes to this stuff. I have a tiny clown car (Honda Fit) hauling a HF trailer. Laughable by track standards but it works just fine for me.

    To me, a lot of this revolves around money, priorities and logistics. I have room in my yard for a truck/van and an enclosed trailer. I do NOT have room in my marriage for that stuff, and I'd rather spend the money on bike stuff and track time.

    I believe in using the right tool for the job, i.e., buying the vehicle you need for 99 percent of what you do. The vast majority of my driving is solo, either commuting or just getting from point A to point B. I'm an office worker living in the suburbs. I do not need, and do not want, a truck or van for that 99%.

    I need a trailer I can fold up and put in the garage, and one that can be towed by my preferred (small, efficient, cheap) car. That limits it to Kendon ($$$) or HF.

    If I could, I'd LOVE to have an enclosed trailer and a vehicle big enough to tow it, just for the half-dozen times I go to the track per year. That's definitely the way I'd go... outfit the trailer with all I need and leave it packed, so the track would pretty much be a matter of hooking up the trailer and driving off. But given my constraints, nah.

    Comments based on my experience with the small car/light trailer route:

    - 30 mpg, no kidding, while trailering. Less $$. Not that big an issue with today's gas prices, but stick around....
    - Don't need to buy/store/maintain/insure/fuel another vehicle. Less $$.
    - Trailer folds up and vanishes when not in use. Happy wife, happy life.
    - Performs adequately to get me to the track, without meaningful compromise.

    - It works for one person, and one only. My car is FULL lugging my stuff.
    - While performance is adequate, it's sometimes on the marginal side, especially up hills.
    - You're really pushing the limits of the machinery here. I haven't bottomed the suspension... yet.
    - Can't do stuff like sleep in the vehicle.
    - Packing takes a bit of care (i.e. time). Without excess space, it's hard to just chuck stuff in the back and go.
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    @Andrew - So that means you don't stay overnight, or else, where do you sleep?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ilikenapalm View Post
    I've heard they drive terribly. Otherwise an old handicapped short bus would be perfect. Lift gate and errythang.
    I'm thinking more like full size.
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    I've got a Ridgeline and a tent. Can pack all my stands, tools, misc. gear in the trunk in the back of the bed. Clothes, suit, bedding, cooler, spare tires in the rear seat area. Other assorted crap in the passenger seat. Bike last thing to pack in the bed. Have done two bikes before as well. Ready for Armaggedon! Can also tow if you want.

    Although I really want a van or enclosed trailer, the Ridgeline is more useful than a van to me, and I don't have the room for an enclosed trailer. Might be able to find an older one at your top price if lucky.
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    I went the cargo van route, but only because I don't have space for an enclosed trailer and I don't need to drive to work on a daily basis (on a bus route). I was tired of arriving at the track after 10pm and needing to unload the car to get to the tent, set up the tent and blow up an air mattress late at night, pack the tent in the rain on Sunday, etc. Van + folding trailer allowed me to leave a mattress in the back of the van semi-permanently. I could roll into the track and go right to sleep without unloading or setting anything up. I later realized I could just put the bike in the van, drive to work, park on the street for the day without much concern of theft (Providence, valid concern), and drive straight up to the track after work, avoiding the whole late arrival thing altogether. No trailer maintenance is nice too.

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    All I know is IF I ever upgrade Im going Airstream Panamerica! I actually thought about picking one up to live out for a short time till I decide where Im going to settle into lol.

    Didn't know they existed till I saw one in a move and Im in love with them now obviously come with an Airstream price tag though
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    The more I haul my trailer, the more I like what Paul has. If I could only minimize my carry ons... (tools, tires, etc. etc. etc.)
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    If I was running solo a lot I would be right in line with the Sprinter crew. It's the tits.
    But I travel with the fam and doggie. My set up works the tits for me. Full sized truck and toy hauler.. Once in a while I think about it being a bit nicer if I pulled with a big sport ute... But then there are times when the truck bed and the trailer are full of stuff.

    As MR Kurtz said. You have to ask some questions an give honest answers. For a few days a year. An open trailer and a hotel make sense. For more than that then staying at the track is where it's at. Although there is no question that the nightlife at the track is half the fun.
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    Matt lets just plan track days together. If we can put both bikes in the truck i am game.

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