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Thread: PeaPod #343 LRRS weekend summary 07-2017

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    Default PeaPod #343 LRRS weekend summary 07-2017

    So the previous July 2017 weekend Round 4 was no go after I managed to highside myself coming out of turn 1 in Friday practice. With a combination of old tire, too much gas, and probably some bar input, I felt the rear end come around in a big way. Next thing I know I am kicked up on top of the bike and wiggling around like a bucking bronco. Was pretty sure I had it saved as I was staring at my number plate upside down in front of my bars.
    Well one last buck and o'er the bars I go. Slammed pretty hard onto my left side and tumbled three or so times to a stop. Got up and off the track and saw the bike was leaking gas. Secretly thought, burn bitch burn, then waited for a flag. None came, but a Penguin instructor, Bill Morey, pulled off the track and got the bike upright and then out of the way. A big thanks to Bill for getting the bike up and out of the way afterwards as I was waiting for it to 'splode.

    Funny thing about this is, I always told myself you can't highside a 650. Well I proved myself wrong, and Isaac Maycotte went even further that weekend to prove you can highside a 300!! crazy!! Luckily we both made it out relatively unscathed that weekend. A few pulled muscles, some blunt force trauma, and bumps and bruises that I have no idea how they got there (my big toe is jammed up??). So now I get to be reminded, as does everyone else, of this everytime I pit out. Spilled gas from my ruptured tank seems to have left a nice mark on the pit out lane I noticed this past weekend.

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    You can highside anything...

    But I've never seen anyone highside coming out of T1.
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