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Thread: 2008 Ducati 848 - Street/Track bike F/S

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    Default 2008 Ducati 848 - Street/Track bike F/S

    Hey all, figure id post this now before i change my mind so im selling my street/track 848.

    Bought this bike with approx 6,000 miles on it, has 8700 now, will go up slightly before winter. Has some scratches from garage tip overs, and a small crack in the front fairing on the left where the mirror mount is. I will get a good picture of it. This bike wasnt a garage queen (for me). Previous owner dropped it a couple times but had it all repaired from the dealership, i have all his receipts. Brake fluid has been changed, clutch fluid changed, it got an oil change every spring since i purchased (2-3 years ago).

    Mods are:
    Lots of CF from previous owner
    Termi slip ons (possibly full exhaust, im not positive. He had the exhaust ceramic coated as well, there are no o2 sensors.)
    Gear indicator
    HID headlights
    Smoke windscreen
    Shorty levers
    Sargent seat
    White powder coated wheels
    GB Engine case cover
    Some samco radiator hoses

    Rebuilt motor at 8,500 miles - The original motor spun a bearing (as a few members here can couch for, at mid-ohio) I bought a race-ish spec motor from a member of who was parting his race bike out. He said the motor had 4 races on it, specs below.
    •New Upgraded 1098R Crank Roller Bearings
    •Connecting Rods Checked for Round and New Rod Bearings
    •ARP Rod Bolts
    •Case shafts blueprinted to race specs
    •Thinner Base Gasket for 1.0mm Squish
    •Heads Decked .010”
    •Competition Valve Job
    •Cams Degreed to Race Specs
    Superstock build on motor by Matt Carr of Ducati Indianapolis (4 race weekends on motor) new belts and valves checked. Only ran motul chaged every race
    Slipper Clutch (Yoyodyne I believe)

    He also included a box of some spare parts (radiator, clutch lever, some other smalls) Since i put the motor in i also added the DP Racing full ECU, the Bazzaz TSC which has traction control, 2 fuel maps with switch, and quick shifter. Dyno'd by John at Dyno solutions in CT and he put the same map for both just so you cant switch to a bad map (had to add fuel everywhere). It dyno'd 118whp on 93, and the Previous owner said it was over 130hp with race gas.

    Ive only put 200 miles on it this season, i was chasing a coolant leak which has been fixed and missed the track season basically. With buying a new house etc i didnt have much time to work on it and honestly after the spun bearing at Mid-O i just want a beater japanese track bike that i can ride hard and put away wet as they say. If i keep riding the bike i will want to keep it though, this new motor is awesome and really comes alive when you stretch its legs. Its not made to put around town and go to work.

    I have a set of Hot bodies fairings as well for track, and a pit-bull rear stand. Bike saw about 5 track days in the past 2 years, and none since the motor swap.

    Selling for 6,000, not a penny lower. Price goes up in spring when everyone decides they want a bike after tax time. I have a loan on the bike but if someone buys it i can pay the loan off and get the title, its through a local credit union so thats not an issue.
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    Kwicherbichen. I'm old and I'm slow and I don't care. Get off my lawn, ya punk.

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    Did you end up selling this?

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    Ya the ducati and 250 both sold within a couple weeks of posting this spring. I just have the hot bodies fairings to sell from them now since the new owners didnt want them

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