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Thread: Tire Changing - Naugatuck CT

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    Quote Originally Posted by FasYankee View Post
    Ya know, I brought the kids DRZ110 rear (it's small) to a place in Wally that hooks me up with free tire swaps and it was hell getting it on there with a pretty robust machine. I had attempted it on my own without spoons and decided to just have him do it (many expletives later). Then the kids popped a tube and fubared the tire so I went and got a proper set of spoons and although it was a little tough, the second time around I was able to get the tire off and the new one back on with a new tube with jared (he's 14) in little to no really wasn't that bad.

    They popped the tube again (I'm gonna have to check rim & see what's up). So when I revisit that I'll pay attention to how I do it......not sure what I did but it seemed to work out ok?
    Put in a heavy duty tube and install a new rim strip.
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    And make sure you aren't pinching the tube between the rim and the bead of the tire.

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