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Thread: Anyone have a record player setup?

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    I bought a sony usb turntable a while back so I could convert all my gma's old spanish vinyl to mp3 and put it on an ipod for her. Works well enough for my purposes. Probably not the sort of answer your looking for but for 50-60 bucks iirc it works quite well.

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    Some good deals on budget friendly speakers and subs going on right now with holidays coming up. ELAC B6s bookshelf speakers are $200 for a pair on Amazon, which is the lowest they've been since they came out. And KEF Q100s are $250 on Amazon. May grab the B6s myself, but the timing really sucks for me. Ahh.
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    I may have hit the mother-load

    Turns out, some old family friends are getting divorced, pretty messy. Husband voluntarily left and gave up his stuff in the house. Told her it anything she wanted was hers. This includes a record collection that was built by a music fanatic since the mid 70s... Wife wants nothing to do with them and was just going to call a record store and tell them they could have them if they just got them out of her house...

    Might be making a trip up in the next few weeks!

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