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Thread: Noel & Kyle's OFFICIAL Designer Pocketbook Thread

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    Wait, people actually like FFDP? I saw them live in Toronto and was astounded they could be even worse live then they are on the radio.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yzedf View Post
    It's one of the many ways we are not the normal married couple.
    No, you are a completely normal couple and destined for a durable marriage.

    I'm 31 years in. Fancy, trivial gifts are long in the past. So are surprises, for the most part. Pretty much we ask each other what we'd like and most often, it's something useful. Romantic? Hell no, but after this long it's more about being a good roommate, friend and companion than romance anyway.

    I'm easy. I ask for track day money, every time. My wife has a really hard time thinking of stuff she wants, because... well, she really doesn't want anything.

    At this stage of life we don't need more stuff. We prefer to celebrate with experiences and time together.
    Kwicherbichen. I'm old and I'm slow and I don't care. Get off my lawn, ya punk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Kurtz View Post
    Can you guys top derailing Noel and Kyle's pocketbook thread with this music talk?
    Itís not inadvertent derailing; itís intentional propagation of more posts because this thread title is funny as hell to see on top all the time. I hope it supplants the thread about absolutely nothing.

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