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Thread: 2008 F250 Plow truck

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    Default 2008 F250 Plow truck

    Link to CL post:

    Highlights: 5.4L Tritan with recent sparkplugs (one piece, not the stupid Ford parts that like to break off), new front axle u-joints and drivers side front wheel bearing and hub lock, 4x4, crew cab, 65,000 miles, 8' plow, clean inside and out, clean title in hand

    I'm headed back to MT for good and I already have a vehicle out there waiting for me so this one needs a new home. CL and FB price is $18,500 because I know those assholes are going to try to low ball me. Realistically I'm looking for $15,000

    Quite a few more pictures in the CL post.

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