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Thread: Cooling system question

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    Default Cooling system question

    So I have two similar bikes, a 2007 Kawasaki Ninja 650. I was changing out coolant to water for the upcoming season yesterday.

    One bike would not start draining the coolant until I had released the radiator cap. This to me seems like a properly pressurized system.

    The other bike would start spewing the coolant as soon as I opened the drain plug. I am guessing there is an air leak somewhere. Does this make sense?

    Also when I ran this bike to flush the system it filled the overflow tank up and the fan would not stop running even with the bike sitting at idle. When I turned the bike off I could hear the water boiling in the radiator. The overflow tank eventually drained as it cooled off.

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    Sounds like a thermostat is stuck open? Usually not too difficult to remove. You will be able to see if it's open. I suppose it's possible that it's stuck closed too. Get a pot full of water on the stove, with the thermostat in it. Crank the heat, if it doesn't move when it gets close to boiling then it's frozen up.

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    Just take the thermostat out and throw it in the garbage.

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