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Thread: Sunday, April 22 trackday at Thompson

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    Default Sunday, April 22 trackday at Thompson

    Just a reminder for anyone that did not get our bulk email, and is not on our Facebook Group...

    The main thing to remember about this Sunday's trackday is to NOT show up on Saturday. There is NO overnight camping for this event. We do not start riding until Noon time, and tech isn't even open until 9am - so sleep in your own bed Sat night and show up sometime before 10am.

    Also, start wrapping your head around this being a SHAKEDOWN event. Your goals should be pretty simple - making sure your bike works and getting your mind and body used to riding again.

    Don't be "that guy" that throws away their whole season because of something dumb at the season opener.

    Woo Hoo!!! Let's get the season started, dammit!
    Trackdays in New England

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    Hell yeah! I just changed to water and popped my engine because it froze!! Just kidding, but it's getting damn near close to it. Looking towards warmer days!

    Also, I just rebuilt my calipers and put new pads on that need breaking in. Are you saying I shouldn't be doing stoppies on Sunday?

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