I tried to set this up last year but no one could make it so let's try this again I know a few people was interested.
I hope I remember how to do a post correctly . Sry if I did not.

Saturday may 12th 1pm
Rain date Saturday may 19th 1pm
If that a rain day as well we will figure it out..
I know winter been a long one this year

We will meet in manchester buckland mall parken lot by the hotel.
Kick stands up 130
We will go down buckland street
Then we will ride rt85 to colechester make are way to Harry's for some good food. I use to go there when I was kid with my grandpa on the weeks as we use to go camping in Salem

2 up friendly well be a nice ride

Gear list

Helments with eye protection
Vest or jacket
Long pants
Boots or riding shoes

Hopefully we can make it happen this year hopefully I included eveyrhing i needed to in the post