breaking this out from the dirt bike thread in case anyone who knows doesn't look there.

2009 KTM 250 XC, 2 stroke.
Racing last weekend, all was fine, started a segment, felt a tiny change, maybe a bit of friction, then suddenly no power. bogging under throttle, then just died.

Track side diagnosis was no spark, checked all the obvious things, no Joy, headed home.

Today i dove in to it.
Stator cover off and i was right, the nut on the flywheel had backed off too the end of the shaft. i'm assuming this was the friction I was feeling. it probably contacted the stator and caused a surge/short.

Broke out the multimeter:
all continuity is good.
All resistance seems good also (using ranges found online, don't currently have a service manual, ordering one now).
Tested the coil next and have continuity across the grounds and its good, but there is NO continuity from the CDI input to the plug cap and NO resistance reading.

To me that sounds like the coil is shot, which is great because its cheap, but in order for a short to GET to the coil, it had to travel through the CDI, which would not be great.

I HATE just throwing good parts at it trying to fix things. Any way i can test the CDI?