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Thread: 14 Bmw R1200gs help ASAP

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    Default 14 Bmw R1200gs help ASAP

    Soooo planning on leaving Thursday morning for Kentucky my bike is now throwing a code. Not sure why or what..... it's the yellow triangle with exclamation point and circular arrow.

    Google search turned up not much except it probably isn't major. Regardless, I'd like to know what it is before and/or fix it.

    Problem is Max BMW will surely be dicks and not just do me a favor and read it so I know and BMW from what i know you can't figure it out without proprietary software and hardware.

    Anyone have access to this stuff or can help me fast or know someone who can???

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    Pm Beinggodisgreat pretty sure his father works for a dealer.
    -Gabe, is a racist.

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    Im pretty sure thats the ABS resetting itself it happens whenever you start the bike. Just ride like 10 feet it resets and turns off. I sold my bmw a while ago though and forget what it looks like.

    I'll call my dad at 8

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