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Thread: My Polymer80 (G19) build

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    Default My Polymer80 (G19) build

    So been dragging my feet in both posting and building my Polymer 80 Gen 3 Glock 19 but finally have enough to start posting progress pics. The actual dremel process to file down the tabs and make the valley for the guide rod and spring is very simple and basic. Took my time first time around and did a lot of manual sanding to make sure everything was extra smooth. I went with the textured grip and so far from feel I like it a lot. I have been waiting for 6 months for Arsenal Democracy to start manufacturing their Switch trigger again but doesn't appear to be happening anytime soon. I said screw it and went with what I think is the next best thing which is the Apex trigger which also included the trigger bar, minus connector and safety plunger all of which I polished to a mirror shine. Next step and most expensive will be ordering a custom slide but I will keep what I'm getting a surprise until I receive it. Then the barrel and sights!

    So far Im happy I decided to do this build, its easy and a good beginner way into the whole 80% lower world. Later on down the road Ill move to something more complex and outside the Glock world. More pics to come as I get more goods

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    Been dragging my feet on the build but just got my barrel today. Just need a slide cut and some optics and I should be ready to rock

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