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Thread: Services for Dan

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    From my understanding, there will be refreshments after the funeral. I know that there are going to at least be the three dozen cupcakes from Hardcore Sweet his sister asked me to order and other food people from the church are bringing. You are all absolutely welcome to stay for that.

    Just an FYI that there’s only street parking at our church, and there’s often people using it for the park across the street when it’s nice out, so carpooling isn’t a bad idea if possible (and planning to get there early). There are places to park on Bunker Hill Ave and the surrounding streets. Since it’s summer, the elementary school down the street should have parking available too.

    I’ll be there for the entire wake and for the service Saturday. I’ve still got the crazy long hair, so I shouldn’t be too hard to find. Hope to see some of you there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drinkingmymilk View Post
    Iíll be coming straight from work Friday.

    Anyone want to head out for wings after? Dan & Kim always used to drag me to some place in danbury.
    I'll join you for wings, after.
    Quote Originally Posted by JHawley View Post
    Pussy. It's so much better than lime.:

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimbro View Post
    Iím coming home to say goodbye to my friend. Michaels II is down the road from the funeral home, we can grab wings there.

    Def would like to meet for wings
    For the Kids...

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    Mmmm wings

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