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Thread: FS: S52 Swapped 1989 325i Sedan

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    Default FS: S52 Swapped 1989 325i Sedan

    1989 BMW 325i Sedan
    1999 S52/ZF trans swap, Z3 rack, 3.73 LSD
    158k miles on chassis/aprox. 106k on drivetrain
    Sunroof, Functional AC
    Located in Newtown, CT
    10,500 OBO

    II have had the car for 2 years I'm selling it to free up garage space. The car is pretty much rust free save for a small spot on the sunroof and is parked in my garage when not in use. I just drive this as a fair-weather weekend cruiser and sometimes take it to work. I have an indoor cover for it and try to keep it on a tender when not driven. I am in northern Fairfield County CT about 90 min from NY City. Asking price is $10,500. I've included as many details as I can below but please ask any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer.

    I am told the swap was done by a shop and has been in the car for a while. It's from a 99 m3 and had something like only 70k when installed back in the mid 2000's. It's been converted to OBD1. Matching ZF 5 speed trans. It also has a quicker ratio Z3 steering rack and 3.73 LSD. Functional AC converted to R134. Suspension wise it has H&R sport springs, Koni oranges, treehouse racing style lower control arm mounts. I have a set of 14" basket weaves that are off the car. They are pretty rough and need new tires. They came on the car when I bought it so they can go with it too. Installed on the car are a set of BBS style reps. They are 16" Privat Remembers with Falken Pro G4 all seasons (205/50 16). For maintenance during my ownership I've done some things but much of the work was performed by Auto Technic in New Milford CT, I have receipts for all work performed by them. The bigger stuff that was done this year includes new subframe bushings, diff bushing, front lower control arm bushings, tie rods and driveshaft center bearing, rear wheel bearing. Overall I would say with the recent maintenance this car is mechanically very solid the only current issue being a belt squeel on cold starts. It goes away as the car warms up, usually a mile of two or driving.

    The car was originally Zinnoberrot red however it has been repainted in a brighter shade of red. My understanding is that the repaint was from back when the swap was originally installed, so it is older. It's not perfect by any means, you can find rock chips and other things. I would consider the paint to be good driver quality. I keep it washed and waxed and it stays looking good. The car gets a lot of compliments. It has Is lip, side skirts and spoiler. It looks like someone was too aggressive with a rotary polisher and burned through the paint on the IS spoiler on the corners. I replaced and repainted the rear bumper which was cracked with a used OEM version. The windshield was also replaced last year; the rest of the glass is original. The interior is black vinyl and has sport seats. The sport seats where not original to the car. The driver's seat does have a few tears. The passenger seat is very good. The steering wheel is a Grant GT Sport. The car has an aftermarket stereo and speakers. The stereo isn't bad, it has Bluetooth and supports hands free calling. The car has a German check panel that I have not installed but will come with it.

    Below is a list of all the things done to the car that I am aware of including what was mentioned above...

    - 99 s52/zf 5 speed w/106k miles
    - OBD 1 converted, red label ecu
    - s50 intake manifold
    - unknown aftermarket header
    - unknown exhaust into a Magnaflow muffler
    - Euro large MAF

    - KAMotors Headlight duct and intake
    - z3 2.7 turns LTL steering rack
    - Treehouse Racing style front lower control arm mount
    - H&R sports with koni's I think. I will double check.
    - Front and Rear strut tower braces
    - 3.73 LSD diff
    - Set of 4 14" basket weaves w/ worn tires. 3 out of 4 centercaps (wheels are pretty rough)
    - 16" Privat Remembers (BBS style reps) bought last year came with all seasons mounted (great shape)
    - euro bumper trim
    - euro grills
    - euro plate filler
    - euro check panel (Removed but still have it)
    - ellipsoid headlights (One removed for intake, still have it)
    - is lip/side skirts/spoiler
    - black sport seats, driver seat is pretty rough
    - Grant GT Sport steering wheel
    - 2m shift and ebrake boots w/ zhp knob
    - aftermarket carpet
    - floor mats are from a later 5 series

    Maintenance during my ownership:
    Done last year
    - new Vanos oil line
    - new power steering hose
    - new idler pulley assembly
    - replaced cracked driver's side motor mount arm
    Done this year
    - New ebrake cables
    - Rear subframe and diff bushings
    - Rear diff gasket
    - Left rear wheel bearing
    - Center driveshaft bearing
    - New (used) driveshaft (old one was seized in the bad center bearing)
    - New bushings for front lower control arm mounts
    - New front tie rods
    - Manual trans selector rod seal

    Photo Album:

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    Nice set up

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    Nice car. I wish I was in a position where I could actually make an offer on it... does a car seat fit in the back? lol

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    Shipping to Hawaii? Fuck, I've always wanted an S54 swapped E30 M3. An S52 swapped E30 is pretty dang close.

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    Quote Originally Posted by petro240 View Post
    Nice car. I wish I was in a position where I could actually make an offer on it... does a car seat fit in the back? lol
    Thanks. No car seat tie downs but a standard booster seat works great. My daughter stays put even while screaming that I'm driving too fast. She'll learn to appreciate the experience when she's older, or years of future therapy will help her realize it.

    I really would like move this to free up garage space. It's got 2 more wheels than normal for vehicles on here but if anyone is looking for a fun driver let me know.

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