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Thread: Husaberg FS570 Factory Supermoto in Lower CT

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    Default Husaberg FS570 Factory Supermoto in Lower CT

    I'm REALLY, REALLY on the fence about this. If someone comes for it soon, I

    will sell it. If not, I WILL change my mind soon. I find myself not using it, because I want

    to keep the mileage down. Factory, street legal supermoto, only sold in the US

    for 1 year, but if you're looking at this, you probably know all about it.

    29xx miles

    Valves checked 2 times. Still at factory specs. No adjustment ever needed.
    -Seat Concepts seat
    -Husaberg Race Map installed by Town & Country Cycle Center in Hamburg NJ
    -FMF Powercore 4 slip-on
    -Upgraded fuel pump from Cycle Works
    -Husaberg radiator fan kit
    -Zeta hand guards with integrated LED turn signals
    -HDB LED rear turn signals
    -3rd Eye mirrors on bars

    Bike also comes with complete set of brand new, factory bodywork & seat, still in the bags,($$) that I purchased, just in case. Also, a new set of unmounted Shinko 705s, the original mirrors & exhaust.

    I'm selling it for $7000., firm. Otherwise, I'm keeping it.

    Only trade is towards an '18 Husky 701, nothing else.

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    Jesus! Can you make those pics any larger?
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    This is the only site where that happened, they are normal sizes everywhere else.

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