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Thread: Mattress talk

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    I was going to buy one of the "box" mattresses last summer but opted for a traditional pocket coil one from Mattress Firm. Did a bunch of negotiating and managed to get the frame and everything for $1400 out the door. So glad I didn't get a box mattress. I tried a Purple in person and it didn't have the support I needed. Pillow top ftw.

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    We spent about 1000 for a king size, its foam with something mid way for back support. i sleep like a fucking baby in it.

    I do like that the wife can get out the bed without it moving the other side and viseversa
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    I think I’m going to try a traditional coil from Saatva if that doesn’t work out send it back and do the foam route

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    Joe, how much cheaper than regular stores or online? Iím looking for a average quality queen set to throw in the RV, nothing fancy...any idea how much your guy gets for something like that?
    For this, check out Zinus or something similar from Amazon. A queen sized firm mattress was like $160 or something silly. I believe the one I got is 8" thick. They make them thicker, which is probably what you'd want if it's more than one person sleeping on it, though I have mine set up as a guest room bed now and get compliments from anyone I have stay over. I think it'd be more than fine for your needs.

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    I went with the natural latex rather than foam or coil. Some of the benefits of latex vs. foam or coil is that the latex is not supposed to break down over time like foam or springs, has hypo-allergenic properties and is dust mite and mold resistant, etc...

    Got mine at IKEA a few years ago for what I found was the best price around, and I had the ability to lay on it to see the firmness. I found it to be on the firmer side which I was looking for. This gives you the support needed, and if you want some softness, you can add your own degree of softness with a pillowtopper to it.

    Be aware there is natural latex and synthetic latex out there. The natural is going to be more expensive and exhibit slightly different qualities than the synthetic. Looks like the current latex model at IKEA is mostly natural with some synthetic mixed in. Probably why the price is slightly lower than when I bought mine a few years ago.

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